Ash is a light shaded hardwood with a vaired grain. It offers a generally lighter shade of wood compared to oak. A great alternative to oak for anyone wanting something a bit different. Please refer to our terms and conditions of sale SBP/ NR

Ash Spindles

Ash Barley Twist 41mm

An old favorite. Unbeatable look in the right house and ...

Sales price ex VAT £13.80

Ash blank 41mm

You can't really get much more contemporary than this in ...

Sales price ex VAT £10.60

Ash Colonial 41mm

Probably our most popular turned spindle design. Even the ...

Sales price ex VAT £10.75

Ash Georgian 41mm

Another traditional turning. This has really stood the test ...

Sales price ex VAT £10.75

Ash Stop Chamfer 41mm

This is our best selling contempoary spindle. No fuss, less ...

Sales price ex VAT £10.75