Black metal stair and landing spindles are for surface mounting and therefore require non groved handrail and baserail. Stair brackets are suitable for closed string domestic staircases with pitches 42 degrees only, or for a flat landing area. It is a popular option to mix these spindle designs with either 2 or even 3 combinations of spindle. For example, a 2 mix of Edisto or Savannah with Charleston or a 3 mix of Beaufort with Madison and Boston. The landing and stair brackets have different sized holes. The stair brackets have a longer rectangular hole to enable the stair angle of 42 degrees. The landing spindles have a square hole of 12.5mm all black metal spindle designs are 850mm high. All black metal SBP/NR.

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Black Metal Spindles & Brackets

STAIR pair brackets

Black metal Stair pair brackets.Enough to fit 1 spindle ...

Sales price ex VAT £2.56

LANDING pair brackets

Black metal LANDING pair brackets.Enough to fit 1 spindle. ...

Sales price ex VAT £2.56

Boston spindle

Boston Black Metal Spindle 850mm high. Landing areas or 42 ...

Sales price ex VAT £4.10

Charleston spindle

Charleston Black metal Spindle 850mm high black metal ...

Sales price ex VAT £4.56

Beaufort spindle

Beaufort black metal spindle 850mm high. landing areas or ...

Sales price ex VAT £5.39

Madison spindle

Black metal Madison spindle 850mm high. Landing area or 42 ...

Sales price ex VAT £5.81

Savannah spindle

Savannah Black Metal spindle 850mm high. Landing area or 42 ...

Sales price ex VAT £5.90

Edisto spindle

Edisto Black metal spindle 850mm. Landing area or 42 degree ...

Sales price ex VAT £7.31

STAIR multipack brackets

Black metal Stair multipack has 10 brackets.Enough to fit 5 ...

Sales price ex VAT £12.18

LANDING multipack brackets

Black metal Landing multipack brackets has 10 ...

Sales price ex VAT £12.18