Some of our stair systems include features such as metal spindles, with connectors or glass panels. The Fusion spindle or glass system balustrade can be used in different ways. With or without metal connectors. With the Fusion style of newel or with a chamfer or blank newel. Both give a different look. Fusion can also be used with glass panels instead of metal spindles. Solution is another metal system which has a profiled handrail and a spindle that fits neatly into the groove of the handrail and baserail instead of the fusion method of surface bracket fixing. Solution is also available with glass panels and the option to have handrail connectors if desired. Immix is another glass system which comes with gun metal effect connectors and pre finished oak wood. We have two black metal systems which look very different. Elements works without brackets as the spindles fit directly into the handrail and baserail via the pre drilled holes. Black metal is a surface mouted bracket which makes it easier to fit to an existing stair (when original height allows) but is also a very popular system for full balustrade replacement.